Manufacturer, importer or accessories dealer? GEFCO provides logistics solutions to support you in designing, managing and monitoring your entire supply chain.

As a major player in Two-Wheeler transport and logistics for more than 15 years, GEFCO has significant expertise for complete door-to-door solutions covering Two-Wheelers (motorcycles, bicycles) and 3/4 wheel vehicles (4x4, SUV, side-by-side vehicles) snowmobiles, all terrain and marine (watercraft, outboards).

In the last decade GEFCO has become a leader in the Two-Wheeler market working for the world's leading motorcycle manufacturers.

GEFCO offers both a dedicated and shared user operation to suit the needs of their clients and provide the most cost effective and reiable solution in the market.

GEFCO operates a fleet of moffett vehicles and also provides customers with reusable cradles to ensure the integrity of the bikes when they reach the dealerships and end users.

Inbound Logistics

  • Multi-supplier component collections
  • Scheduled deliveries to factories and plants
  • Warehousing solutions including quality control, bonded storage and stock order management
  • Managing shipments of imported vehicles and handling corresponding admin procedures from start to finish

Outbound Logistics

  • Warehousing logistics integrating quality control
  • Vehicle assembly/reassembly as well as technical enhancements including customisation and preparation (PPO-PDI : post production operations / pre-delivery inspections)
  • A unique cradle management service to meet your specific challenges (2/3-wheeler cradle, rolling, box)
  • Secure deliveries to dealerships and distributors
  • Event logistics: managing transport plans and vehicle preparation of bikes for shows and exhibitions around the world

Accessories and Spare Parts Logistics

  • Shared and dedicated transport
  • Stock and replenishment management
  • Urgent solutions
  • Returns management (empty packaging, after-sales)


More than 15 years of expertise

A full range of packaging including GEFCO cradleTM

More than 400,000 vehicles transported

• QUALITY: ensuring safe and secure deliveries
• COST: a shared user network for increased optimisation
• SERVICE: a dedicated Two-Wheeler support team
• EQUIPMENT: operating a large fleet of moffett trucks
• EFFICIENCY: flexible to peak season and new mondel launches

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