Covering long distances, serving congested areas, responding to limited road network in certain regions, ensuring the transport of sensitive cargo or large volumes is more reliable: rail transport provides effective solutions to all your complex international supply and distribution challenges. With more than 60 years of expertise in this sector, we offer you a full range of door-to-door solutions.

The incorporation of industrial production, and in particular the emergence of new areas in China and Russia, creates new challenges. Well established in these major regions, we offer access to the main strategic rail routes between Europe, China and Russia. Our solutions help to make trade with the large industrial areas in Asia and Eastern Europe even more competitive.

Strategic rail routes

By developing our activities in the Russia and Central Asia zone, we provide access to the 1520* railway network, the world's second largest railway network in terms of size and density. This route represents a relevant solution to connect Asia and Europe.

  • Europe <–> Asia
  • Europe <–> 1520
  • 1520 <–> Asia
  • Intra 1520
  • Intra Europe

* The strategic Russia & 1520 zone takes its name from the geographic region that uses an interconnected rail network with a single track gauge (1,520 mm).

Capacities that match your needs

For more than 60 years, we have developed strong expertise in the rail transport of finished vehicles, containers and oversized goods.

  • Combined transport: a combination of several modes of transport, with transhipment(s), goods are loaded into an Intermodal Transport Unit (ITU). This ITU may be a semi-trailer, a swap body or a container.
  • Conventional transport: door-to-door via train only, without transhipment, the goods are loaded directly into the wagon.
  • Single wagon: loading of one or more wagons
  • Block train: loading of a block train on defined corridors
  • Oversized: loading of goods that do not fit in the ITUs nor in standard wagons and require specific handling

An ecological, fast and flexible mode of transport

Rail transport is a flexible and competitive solution to transport your goods over long distances. It has key advantages such as:

  • Faster delivery than sea transport
  • Large volume capacities
  • Secure and regular transport
  • More environmentally friendly solution than air or road transport
  • Greater price stability compared to other modes of transport


255 agencies

3,250 car-carrier in wagons

Access to 85,200 km rail network operated by RZD

• Management of customs procedures
• Operational excellence
• Single point of contact
• Full traceability (Track & Trace)
• KPI's and performance management
• Continuous improvement

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