• Scott Smith is Regional General Manager, North Opener
    Opener Scott Smith is Regional General Manager, North

    He ensures the efficient running of all site operations and flows.

    What have been the major steps in your career at GEFCO?

    I joined GEFCO mid way through my College course as an Administrative Assitant to cover maternity leave and have never looked back.

    At the age of 22, GEFCO promoted me to Transport Supervisor. This was an increase in responsibility as I had to develop “own fleet” from the ground up.

    Four years after I became Operations Manager.

     GEFCO recognised my commitment and determination to succeed and gave me opportunities to further develop my career.

    What is your current role at GEFCO?

    I am now Regional General Manager for the North and it has been great being part of my Centre’s success.

    What do you like most about your job?

    I like the fast paced environment and daily challenges.

    What are your daily challenges?

    • Ensure the safety and wellbeing of all employees on site at Sandtoft.
    • Manage and provide direction to my teams to ensure the efficient running of all site operations and flows to ensuring our customers receive the service that they require.
    • Comply to all H&S/Environmental legislation in line with ISO9001 and 14001.
    • Commitment to the development and progression of all staff via clear job descriptions and effective appraisals.

    What advice would you give to candidates applying to GEFCO?

    A role within GEFCO will provide a diverse and challenging career with each day being different to the next...

  • Amie Ansell is HR Manager at GEFCO Forwarding Opener
    Opener Amie Ansell is HR Manager at GEFCO Forwarding

    “I can honestly say that my journey with GEFCO Forwarding has been very rewarding and enjoyable”.  

    What was your first role at GEFCO Forwarding?

    I joined the business in November 2008 as an Import Ocean Freight Clerk. Delivering great customer service to my client portfolio and demonstrating cost savings was key. It was a great role to get a holistic view of the business and its products and services. It meant learning to be entrepreneurial and identifying ways of helping the customer. Through generating leads I became adept at identifying and getting through to key decision makers.

    Can you tell us about your key career moves?

    It wasn’t long before our Country CEO asked me to become Executive Assistant for the UK. Being inquisitive, I expressed interest in HR and this was incorporated into the role. A period of rapid growth resulted in a headcount increase of 50% and it became apparent that HR was a full time role. I presented a business case to the CEO about establishing a formal HR Department – he agreed, supported my ambition, and allowed me to establish the function which I am now responsible for.  It was a massive learning curve and the business supported my professional development and attaining my Level 5 CIPD qualification.  


  • Richard Graves is Regional General Manager, South West Opener
    Opener Richard Graves is Regional General Manager, South West

    “Evolving with the market and technology makes us a stronger company”.

    What influenced your decision to join GEFCO? 

    I had two career choices when I left school - an apprenticeship within the steel industry or a three-year trainee position with GEFCO UK. After an interview at GEFCO Sheerness my decision was made as the people I met were amazing and very friendly. After all these years I still love the people and the challenge.

    What was the best bit of advice given to you?

    “Never do what you have always done, otherwise you will always get what you’ve always got”. Something I took to heart when I was promoted to Regional General Manager at Portbury.

    Has the new role lived up to expectations?

    It is something I have been working towards for the last few years. Every part of my training and experience has come into play.  To see the Site develop and my team fully engaged with the business has been fantastic. 

    What about next steps?

    I will continue developing a centre of excellence at Portbury, leading on innovation and the development of our service.


  • Tracey Turner is a Key Account Manager Opener
    Opener Tracey Turner is a Key Account Manager

    “GEFCO has helped me to learn that challenges and opportunities will allow me to achieve my ambitions”.

    How long have you been at GEFCO? 

    Over 25 years. I have had a number of different roles and have experienced the many facets of operations, customer service and commercial – starting with my first role as European Export Clerk to my recent promotion to Key Account Manager. I have always loved the commercial side of things and enjoy building relationships with clients and sharing with them the services GEFCO has to offer.

    How would you describe GEFCO in three words?


    GEFCO recognises hard work and provides many opportunities for people to move around the business and learn new skills. Through this and training everyone is able to realise their potential.

  • Nikki Hughes is a Senior Business Analyst Opener
    Opener Nikki Hughes is a Senior Business Analyst

    “I work for an organisation who recognises hard work and commitment and provides me opportunities to progress”.

    What have been your key career milestones? 

    I started off as an Export Clerk. Within two years, my determination and support from peers resulted in me being promoted to Export Supervisor. Shortly afterwards, the Export Manager left and I was given an “acting up” opportunity which quickly became a permanent promotion. I enjoy working on key accounts and building robust relationships. So it seemed natural to move to a Senior Business Analyst role which utilizes my strengths to good effect.

    How has your career path been supported by the business?

    I am continuously given opportunities to become involved with other projects and cross-department working. And I value the continued support and encouragement from senior management.

  • Matthew Hulett is Regional General Manager, Midlands Opener
    Opener Matthew Hulett is Regional General Manager, Midlands

    “Don't sit still - push yourself, be brave and opportunities will come”.

    1998 - PDI Technician

    2000 - Vehicle Inspector

    2003 - Defleet Team Leader

    2006 - Defleet Supervisor

    2010 - Bodyshop Supervisor

    2014 - Centre Controller

    2015 - Acting Regional General Manager FVL South West

    2017 - Regional General Manager, Midlands

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