As part of the biggest private integrated network in Europe GEFCO UK offers a range of transport and logistics services to automotive, industrial, retail, 2Wheeler and electronic companies.

GEFCO, has a long history of working in the Automotive industry when the primary objective was to service the storage, transport and distribution needs of Peugeot.

Initially, the main business was in France, but with rapid growth in the 1980’s from the acquisition of Citroen and the global development of both marques in the 1990’s, GEFCO also increased its capability and scope around the world.” Initially, rapid growth was in Western Europe, notably in Iberia, Italy, Benelux and Germany.


Formed in 1981, the opening of the UK business was part of this pattern of growth, initially established for two main reasons. Firstly, it was to be responsible for the distribution of new cars to dealerships of Peugeot and Citroen, either from the point of production or the port of entry. Secondly, it was to set up an effective Network distribution business, providing dealerships with a comprehensive delivery service for spare parts.

Using the business model that was developed initially in France, the company established a base Network, before looking to work with external partners up and down Peugeot’s supply chain. At a later stage, the Network capability was then tuned to offer service to customers outside PSA Peugeot Citroen. In so doing, GEFCO has diversified greatly and while continuing to provide services to its parent company, it now provides transport and storage solutions to a growing list of diverse companies, usually with industrial characteristics, but often outside the automotive sector.  Many of GEFCO UK’s newer clients appreciate the global scope of the GEFCO Network and service offer.

GEFCO UK’s success in growing the UK business outside the PSA Group is perhaps the biggest testimony to our ability to perform. It is not only an internal measure of cost effectiveness and quality but also a constant check on commercial reality and a guard against any complacency.