Fuel Surcharge

GEFCO UK uses an index-based surcharge that is adjusted monthly

Changes to the surcharge will be effective from the first day of each month and posted approximately two weeks prior to the effective date. We will also post a 12 month fuel surcharge history.

The surcharge is based on the Average Net UK Diesel prices from the Energy quote (John Hall Associates) index from the last week of the month, applied three months in arrears.
GEFCO's surcharge is calculated against the base rate of 107.53ppl from 31st January 2014. 
The continued upward spiral of fuel means that fuel now represents approximately 28% of our cost base which is used in the fuel surcharge calculations in 2014.

GEFCO's current fuel surcharge can be downloaded from the menu on the right hand side. 

Polish Maut Toll Charge

Please be advised that from 1st July 2011 a Maut  toll charge will be applied for specific sized vehicles using selected sections of motorways, expressways and national roads through and within Poland. For more specific information on the Maut toll charge please visit the following website; www.viatoll.pl