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    2015 IJS Global

    IJS Global, recently acquired by GEFCO, were shortlisted as award finalists in January 2016 for the prestigious BIFA Freight Service Awards as part of the Cool Award category, which recognises providers of temperature controlled freight solutions. The BIFA Freight Service Awards, which have now been running for over 25 years, encourages and rewards high standards and professionalism, and represents the ultimate recognition of special achievements in different sectors of the industry.



    GEFCO are 2014 winners of the Rail Company Award for the prestigious Automotive Supply Chain Global Awards for its experienced and innovative approach in the sector.

    One Judge of the Automotive Supply Chain Global Awards commented that, “Within the rail industry GEFCO has provided vitally important efficiency and optimisation of services to customers through its existing relationships, partnerships and investment in infrastructure.


    The Institute of Transport Management honoured GEFCO UK for providing reliable and competitive solutions on behalf of distributors from assembly plants to dealerships.

    At a time when budgetary constraints are tighter than ever, businesses certainly need assistance in identifying the most efficient and cost-effective suppliers of essential services such as logistics solutions. In light of the prevailing conditions, the Institute of Transport Management wants to honour GEFCO for its work to in this area, both in the UK and across Europe. This is a company that pushes the boat out when it comes to innovative solutions that keep the customer as king and it is because of this that the ITM has awarded the company not one but two titles: UK Automotive Logistics Company 2012 and European Logistics Company 2012.

     “From assembly plants to dealerships, GEFCO provides reliable, competitive logistics solutions on behalf of distributors. With over 4 million vehicles distributed in 2011, GEFCO is positioned as a key logistics provider in this sector. Its extraordinary success in the logistics market, both in the UK and Europe, in spite of difficult prevailing conditions, means that it is truly deserving of the awards of ‘European Logistics Company 2012’ and ‘UK Automotive Logistics Company 2012’.


    ITM recommended GEFCO for its efficiency, dependability and value. This triumph by GEFCO can be taken as a sign of strong directional leadership and the astute positioning of the company’s services among those of its competitors.
    I am happy to recommend GEFCO for its efficiency, dependability and value.

    Praise must go to the team at GEFCO which keeps the company performing at the peak of the market and exceeding the expectations even of the most demanding clients.


    For the second year running, GEFCO UK was the winner of this coveted BIFA Award.

    The nominees on the final shortlist for the ‘European Logistics Company 2010’ Award all scored highly on quality of service; efficiency; cost-effectiveness; and customer care, having been selected from a large number of operators in the sector as a whole.  However, there was one company in particular which more than satisfied the stringent standards of the Awards Committee.  I am pleased to confirm that this company, the official winner of the ITM ‘European Logistics Company 2010’ title is GEFCO, provider of superlative European-wide logistics services.

    This is not the first time GEFCO has experienced success with the Institute’s accreditation programme, and I am sure it will not be the last.


    ISO 9001

    To be ISO 9001 certified means that GEFCO commits itself to:
    • Show its capability to steadily provide a product/service complying with customers' as well as the applicable legal and statutory requirements
    • Enhance customer satisfaction by effectively applying and continually improving its Quality Management System

    GEFCO is committed to providing the highest level of quality with 400 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place at all sites to achieve a single goal: "zero defects".

    This requirement takes the form of three commitments:

    • Respecting product availability deadlines
    • Protecting integrity of goods in the supply chain
    • Guaranteeing the reliability of all operations

    New tools and techniques are constantly introduced to improve problem resolution and process efficiency to better serve the needs of our customers.

    ISO 14001

    As a logistics solutions provider and integrator for manufacturers, GEFCO is aware of its impact on the environment and is committed to continuously improving and monitoring its environmental performance through the group’s environmental policy which identifies three key objectives :
    • Respect natural resources by controlling their consumption
    • Fight against climate change and pollution, reducing GEFCO’s impact on the natural environment and on third parties
    • Environmental management, through the recent implementation of the  ISO 14001 management system.

    GEFCO’s Environmental Management System and ISO 14001 accreditation serves to reinforce the management of the environmental impact at GEFCO sites, based on a determined approach of continuous improvement. The purpose of the GEFCO Environmental Management System is to; preserve the environment and quality of life, to understand and implement regulations, control costs and improve competitiveness.