GEFCO UK's FVL technical centre in Sandtoft heads into its 25th year of business

20 May 2019

As GEFCO UK's Sandtoft FVL technical centre heads into its 25th year of business, Regional General Manger, Scott Smith, explains the reason for their continued success.

This 60-acre compound has seen massive growth over the past few years due to its evolving and innovative service offerings. The reason for the continued success of the compound in the opinion of the sites Regional General Manager, Scott Smith, comes down to one key component, the people that work there.

“The main asset of the site by far is the people” Believes Scott, he explained. “My team have a real can do attitude, they care about the job, and they care about the customer”

If you would like to find out more about the great work being done at the Sandtoft site, please follow the link below to watch a short film of our guys in action: