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12 February 2019

In 2019, for many companies in UK there is the looming concern of BREXIT. GEFCO UK is here to help secure your needs through these uncharted times.

Getting your business prepared for Brexit sooner rather than later could make the big difference between success or failure in the coming months and years. Some of the major key risks arising in Brexit on are:


  • There could be delays in crossing between the UK and European border. In the event of a hard Brexit delays are almost guaranteed.
  • Additional charges in crossing the UK and European border. There is the risk of newly introduced tariffs but also the increased transport costs. Transport costs are likely to rise partly  because crossing the UK and European border will be more complex but also due to the risk of delay.
  • Controls surrounding importing and exporting. As it stands the UK's importing and exporting controls are set by the EU. After Brexit takes place, the UK may be able to set its own  importing and exporting controls. Therefore, there is a risk of the UK and European Union importing and exporting controls being different.


The potential for a lot of manufacturers stock surplus being depleted is high, so ensuring that every precaution is taken should be a key priority. 
With over 35 years’ experience within the UK market, GEFCO UK has a rich history of supporting our partners by understanding every one of their specific needs as well as providing solutions to optimise their

GEFCO UK are market leaders in this division by offering solutions such as:

  • Reception and quality control 
  • Optimisation and management of customs operations 
  • Storage 
  • Stock management 
  • Order preparation
  • Delayed differentiation
  • Management and preparation of shipments 


Our strategic and operational knowledge may prove to be vital to your production chain and the distribution to your sites and point of sales. We still have bonded capacity available at our sites within the UK, so contact us today if you would like to discuss how we can help optimise your in 2019!

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Stock management

visible in real time


of multi-supplier flows

Cooperative operations

with all plant entities and suppliers

Optimisation & management

of operations

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