GEFCO UK makes sure drivers “think bikes” at all times

02 February 2015

GEFCO, a member of the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) is placing ‘Think Bikes’ stickers in all its fleet vehicles, including car and van transporter vehicles.

GEFCO is a specialist in logistics for the motorcycle industry and has a large fleet of vehicles which help transport close to 50% of all new motorcycles across the dealer network in the UK. GEFCO is also encouraging its partners to adopt the same position in supporting this initiative.

‘Think Bikes’ stickers consist of two small separate line drawings representing a bicycle and a motorcycle. They remind drivers to look out for cyclists and motorcyclists, by being placed somewhere visible within a car or lorry cab, usually on the wing mirrors. The stickers, which were launched last year, are produced by the AA in association with the MCIA and British Cycling and have been made available free at Halfords stores.  A million stickers were produced initially but have been reprinted several times, due to ongoing demand.
Roy Fenner, GEFCO UK’s 2Wheeler Key Account Manager commented on the initiative, “We whole heartedly support the MCIA's initiative as road safety is paramount in our business and industry and is something GEFCO takes incredibly seriously. We have been operating in the 2wheeler sector for over ten years now and therefore understand the great importance of always being on the lookout for motorcyclists and cyclists. By using these stickers, motorcyclists will be front of mind to GEFCO’s drivers and partners and ensures an even higher level of care and diligence when transporting goods.”
Steve Kenward, CEO at the MCIA said, ”GEFCO show real commitment to the industry and the safety of riders by backing this initiative.  We would like to see other fleet operators follow its example by making sure, that along with car drivers, professional drivers think bikes at all times.”