GEFCO UK is proud to announce it's nomination at this year's Logistics awards

03 July 2019

Over the last year, GEFCO has accelerated its innovation strategy by combining a strong business model, a deep understanding of its customer needs.


in recognising the ever-changing landscape of our customer supply chain needs, GEFCO has launched several projects to support every aspect of their requirements. These include 3D printing, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, to reinforce business units and explore new markets.

The Logistics Awards is an annual celebration of excellence in the logistics and supply chain sectors, GEFCO  UK has not only been nomminated for this year's innovation award but has also recieved a nommination for the well being innative award at this year's event.

Since 2017, GEFCO has succeeded in implementing a series of impactful initiatives to champion and support health and wellbeing – including mental health, give employees a greater say in the business, support a healthy working lifestyle and provide life-changing experiences.

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