GEFCO provides 100% key to key exchange in vehicle processing for G4S

19 November 2015

GEFCO has recently supported Peugeot Motor Company with a “Total Vehicle Solution” for the deployment of 500 light commercial vehicles over a three month period, to their client, G4S.

Whilst providing a holistic approach GEFCO integrated the requirements of seven separate partners into the vehicle preparation process. GEFCO were required to deliver the new commercial vehicles to a workforce of 500 engineers at multiple secure locations throughout the UK and were able to deliver a 100% key to key exchange of the vehicles with no down time.

To achieve the best possible solution in terms of cost and in reducing the carbon footprint, GEFCO were able to position vehicles arriving into the UK at the appropriate site that was best suited to the final delivery location. For the vehicles which were being taken off fleet and returned to the incumbent leasing provider, GEFCO provided G4S with an “end-of-life” disposal programme.

Speaking in relation to the G4S partnership, John Stocker, Finished Vehicle Logistics Director, GEFCO UK, said: “We are delighted have worked with Peugeot and G4S. We worked closely with G4S and the vehicle manufacturer to create a bespoke solution which ensured the fleet vehicles were prepared and delivered to us to meet our exact specifications, in a timely and efficient manner, at the same time as the used vehicles being collected.”

G4S commented: “GEFCO’s reputation as one of the leading automotive logistics providers did not disappoint, and we were extremely pleased with the high levels of service which we received on this project. The range of cost effective solutions also enhanced our customer satisfaction. The whole project was expertly managed by GEFCO and we jointly managed a 100% key for key exchange directly with our 500 strong engineering team across the width and breadth of the target - which was a first!”