Discover our innovative KSK sequencing centre in Liverpool! [Video]

29 November 2018

In this 12,000 square metre platform operating 24 hours a day, GEFCO experts deployed a unique KSK expertise with a dedicated sequencing IT system and an innovation laboratory to be able to export our blueprint and experience worldwide.

As a global provider of industrial services and especially in Automotive, our teams have implemented a unique IT and human expertise to successfully develop the KSK (Kundenspezifischer Kabelbaum) method in line with increasing demanding customer requirements. 
Indeed, our expertise enables us to meet new challenges in the : increasing customisation of vehicles, globalisation and real time visibility. 

In this highly challenging context, the GEFCO centre in Liverpool is now an innovation laboratory for the Group, training people and exporting our know-how worldwide for our customers. 

KSK sequencing is bringing new challenges in the supply chain. Our ambition is to become an Innovation Laboratory for the Group.


Logistics and Transport Director, GEFCO UK