Are you prepared for Brexit?

17 September 2019

Brexit uncertainty has left many companies in the UK unsure on how best to proceed over the coming weeks and months. Here at GEFCO we understand these concerns, everyday we are working with our customers to ensure they have all the required documentation and answering their most pressing questions.

Our UK Tax and Customs Manager, Tim Harding, has put together below a few items your company may want to consider in the near future.


Do you have a GB EORI (Economic Operator Registration & Identification) number? 

If not apply here, it’s simple and quick. You will need it to import or export any goods from and to the EU.


Do you have the in-house knowledge to manage your own customs requirements?

If so, you will need to have the approved customs systems and software to do this, if not you can ask your logistics provider to help you..


Do you know the HS code classification (or tariff code) for your products?

You will need to classify your products for customs, you can use the online tool to help you


Do you need a license to export your goods?

To find out if your products are require any export or import licences, you can find info here


Are your goods liable to excise duties? Are your goods subject to dual use?

You can find more info here


Are all your products manufactured in UK with UK raw material?

If not, where do the raw materials come from? Can you prove the origin of your products? more info here


Are your invoices compliant with export rules?

Indeed, intra community deliveries/acquisitions and exportations are not subject to the same obligations and you need to make sure you have evidence of export for products that are shipped under EXW incoterms


Have you already attended to HMRC webinar?

More info here:

If you import into the UK you may benefit from the new Transitional Simplified Procedure, more info here

If you would like to find out more we would be happy to provide you with any further information you may require, please click here to complete our online enquiry form.