Lithium-ion batteries logistics

Compliant Integrated logistics solutions

Electric mobility is growing and encompasses electric vehicles, e-bikes and e-scooters. In 2030, Electric mobility will represent nearly 90% of global battery demand*. Are you looking for a logistics provider able to offer end-to-end compliant integrated solutions dedicated to lithium-ion batteries with full visibility? Our quality and operational experts have designed a highly reliable and compliant solution to suit your needs with 100% visibility. 

* in gigawatt hours (Source: Statista)


Design compliant and circular logistics solutions 

Lithium-ion batteries are classified as hazardous goods and are strictly regulated for transportation and storage. They have a high sensitivity to external factors such as temperature, humidity and shock. There are restrictions in shipping volumes, as well as regulations for packaging to protect content from drops and shocks. At GEFCO, we support you in designing integrated transport and logistics solution to be compliant and to reach cost efficiencies.  

  • Flow's engineering: inbound, outbound and lithium-ion battery end of life management  
  • Regulation watch: Our teams are supported by our legal and quality team to provide you the best compliant solution  
  • Solution design:  physical and IT flows   
  • Implementation of the optimised solution 

Inbound lithium- ion batteries and cells management  

Simplify your supply by highly compliant integrated logistics solutions

  • Careful selection of our carriers and providers 
    • Air 
    • Sea 
    • Rail  
    • Road  
    • Packaging  
  • Dangerous goods door-to-door inbound transportation solution from China to Europe and in Europe 
    • Multimodal solution (air, sea, rail, road) dangerous goods compliant  
    • Regular departures  
    • PO management 
    • Documentation management 
    • Multi sourcing transportation management  
    • Customs management and fiscal representation  
  • Compliant storage to supply your battery assembly line  
    • Inbound management: reception, stuffing…. 
    • Compliant storage: ambient temperature: +15° - +35°, mastery of hygrometry, special fire protection, special SAS for charging the battery 
    • Outbound management: JIT delivery to assembly line 
    • Value Added Services:  
      • Module quality control 
      • Test of charge  
      • Repacking  
      • Recall management by lot number or at SKU level 
  • End-to-end tracing (position and documents) 

Outbound management  

Simplify your aftermarket logistics reaching cost and eco- efficiency

Aftermarket logistics for batteries is more complex to manage because of the very restrictive and changing regulatory environment. At GEFCO, we provide you with highly compliant and flexible solutions.

  • Engineering for solution design   
  • Careful selection of our carriers and providers 
  • Integrated logistics solution:  packaging, storage and transportation   
    • Compliant storage: Distribution Centre or Proximity Centre solution (shared or dedicated)  
    • Flexible Dangerous Goods transportation solutions: depending on the volume and the distance, we provide you with FTL/LTL/groupage/ TCS ADR compliant solutions for spot and regular flows  
    • End-to-end track and trace 
    • Packaging management solutions:  
      • Packaging  design & supply  
      • Secure transportation  
      • Return logistics management  

Battery end-of-life management 

Entrust your circular logistics to a reliable provider

The issue of what happens to a vehicle’s lithium battery after its useful life is an increasingly important question. Considering the emission and resource impact of battery production, this is of course an important environmental concern. However, it will also likely be a strategic supply strategy. 

In the long run, the percentage of lithium-ion batteries and materials that can be recycled and re- entered the value chain will be important. 

From repair centre to recycling centre or from recycling centre to manufacturers, we can offer you dedicated compliant solutions. 

Reusable packaging solutions for lithium-ion battery  

Trust your packaging management to a highly experienced partner

  • Packaging engineering: to design the best compliant solution  
  • Comprehensive range of solution for inbound and outbound transportation  
    • UN certified  
    • IOT tracers  
    • Available in multi size  
    • Green packaging 
  • Dedicated packaging for :  
    • Functional lithium-ion batteries and cells  
    • Damage and defective lithium-ion batteries and cells  
    • Lithium-ion batteries to be recycled 
  • Management and optimisation of packaging flows by our experts  
  • Third party relationship management (dealer, repair center, DC, proximity center, recycling center, manufacturer)     
  • Quality control and continuous maintenance of packaging

Synchronising your operations through a control tower 

Continuously optimise your flows and effectively manage variations, issues and disruptions

The supply of lithium-ion batteries and cells is a critical area. To ensure global visibility of your flows and to reinforce the collaboration between the different players in your supply chain, we can offer you control tower services to monitor and manage all your flows over extended geographical areas. 

Our control tower relies on the following fundamentals:

  • Dedicated international teams  
  • Collaborative IT systems  
  • Harmonised processes  
  • Power analytics  

Our control towers provide you with a comprehensive range of services:   

  • Order management  
  • Planning  
  • Track and trace and deviation management 
  • Invoicing  
  • Advanced analytics  
  • Advanced services  

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  • Simplicity

    • Single point of contact
    • Integrated Logistics solutions
    • Management of your customs operations
  • Efficiency

    • Operational excellence
    • Cost optimisation
    • Reduced transit time
  • 360° visibility

    • Real time monitoring of your operations
    • Performance management
    • Control of international flows via a Control Tower