Fiscal Representation

VAT: a fiscal regulatory obligation, a game changer for your development in Europe

Supporting your growth and ensuring local VAT compliance

Do you wish to develop your activity in Europe? For this you must have a VAT number in each of the countries in which you wish to operate and makes supplies.

Indeed, VAT remains primarily a national tax governed by each national tax authority.

Two solutions are available to you:

  • create a subsidiary
  • appoint a fiscal representative

The first solution can often be long and costly and involves detailed technical input on local regulatory requirements, which are often complex.

More than 25 years of unique expertise

Providing you with a reliable and cost-efficient solution avoiding the setup and running costs of a subsidiary

Experts in fiscal representation since 1993, we deploy our know-how in the 28 countries of the European Union, in Norway and in Switzerland via our centralised entity:

  • Bilingual dedicated accountant liaising with the local fiscal administrations
  • Identification of the most competitive VAT solution
  • Local VAT registration
  • Management of tax declarations via the "i-VAT" tool ensuring the reliability and security of data on transactions to be reported in each country

Our expertise allows you to perform your activities locally in full compliance with the countries regulations and optimise the payment of foreign VAT.

Our fiscal representation solutions

Identifying risks and opportunities, simplifying and securing your VAT operations

Our experts offer a variety a of solutions, the most strategic to the most operational

  • Regulatory watch
  • Audit and engineering of physical and invoicing flows
  • Design of optimised solutions
  • Technical consulting (process, IT, accounting compliance)
  • Local VAT registration
  • Management of VAT declarations and Intrastat
  • Monthly report
  • Assistance in fiscal and customs inspections
  • Support in case of litigation
  • Management of VAT on business expenses

Combined expertise: Customs- Fiscal Representation- Logistics

Strengthening and improving the competitiveness of your supply chain 

The synergy between our customs knowledge, fiscal representation and logistics know-how provides unique expertise in the market.

Our strength lies within our ability to combine customs, fiscal and Logistics engineering (finding the most competitive solution), with tactical know-how by incorporating our control tower, flow management and track & trace system.

Benefit from GEFCO expertise!

  • Financial gains and cash flow optimisation
  • Greater supply chain efficiency
  • Development of your activity

Fiscal Representation Leaflet

Ensuring the reliability and security of fiscal representation procedures

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> 25

years in Fiscal Representation

> 100

clients worldwide

> 2800

VAT and intrastats declarations


  • Simplicity

    • Single point of contact
    • Integrated Logistics solutions
    • Management of your customs operations
  • Efficiency

    • Operational excellence 
    • Cost optimisation 
    • Reduced transit time
  • 360° visibility

    • Real time monitoring of your operations
    • Performance management
    • Control of international flows via Control Tower